For Honor: The Exciting Online Game

For Honor is the upcoming online game that allows you to control different characters from different classes. If you are into action – especially the hack and slash type – this is the perfect option for you. For now, the game is still prepped for the upcoming release in February 2017. If you look forward to playing adventurous and exciting game, it doesn’t hurt to wait for it.


For Honor Release and Development

Who doesn’t know Ubisoft with their quality games? Well, for this For Honor game, Ubisoft will be responsible for the publishing and the developing. This AnviNext engine game will be made available for different platforms of PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. This action, multiplayer and single player game is set to release on the Valentine’s day. Yup, that’s right. Expect to purchase one on the 14th of February 2017.

It is no surprised that this game has been declared as one of the best games 2017 considering that there are a lot of features to enjoy. It utilizes the so-called Art of Battle, which is a hand to hand system combat where players can take roles from the historical soldiers. Yes, your character can be the samurai, the Vikings, or the knights – depending on your preference.


For Honor Game Play

In For Honor, the setting takes places in the medieval period within a fantasy land. You can choose the character from the Chosen (Samurai), the Legion (knight), or the Warborn (Viking). Each of these factions has four different types too:

  • The Vanguard, the well balanced type with perfect defense and offense
  • The Assassin, the fast type that is effective in duels. However, their damage factor is quite minimum.
  • The Heavies, whose attacks are slow but more resistant to the damages
  • The Hybrids, the combination of the previous three. They have uncommon and unique skills.

So far, Ubisoft has developed several classes for each of the factions. They are planning to add more but the current one will do. For the Samurai, there is Orochi and Kensei classes. For the Vikings, there will be Berserkers and Raiders. For the Knights, there will be Conqueror and Warden. There are different weapons, such as katana, swords, and axes. The more enemies you can kill, you can access Feats, which are included as the additional benefits.

It is going to take some adjustments to get the hang of it, but this game has a lot of promising aspects and factors. Will you be ready for the upcoming For Honor?


Township Trick for Getting Coins and T-Cash

What do you think of Township? Well, you have thought it right if you think of this game as super entertaining game. Of course, you have to be playing it right by using the available Township trick. The trick is basically different to hack. Trick guides you step by step on how to play every part of the game and advises you on which decision to make. On the other hand, Township hack allows you to do illegal thing like giving unlimited coins and cash to make it easier for you to fulfill the quest. So, following and tricks enough is good but if you combine it with the hack, it is simply much better.

Township Trick in T-Cash and Coins

There are two currencies used in Township, premium T-Cash and Coins. There are some options of Township trick to get these currencies in more effective ways.

  1. At the beginning of the game, take any order request from your town’s inhabitants even though some requests do not pay you well. You can take care all of those requests because they are considerably easy. But as you get on higher level like level 20, you should pick which order request you will fulfill. It is better to fulfill order requests that pay you at least 300 coins. But if there are any other requests with less payment but are easy to fulfill, it is okay to take care of it.
  2. The next Township trick is to not take orders that involve goods that have long production time more than 2 hours. You should focus only on crops that you can quickly fulfill. This way, you can handle more orders in short time. For instance, handle order for 36 carrots is a much better option than handling order for 8 syrup and 9 popcorn
  3. Instead of building and managing Jewelry store, it is more efficient to buy the jewelry from City Market and sell it to the ones who order it like the Mafia Guy. This is because the demand of jewelry is low regardless of its high price
  4. Make sure to buy more boxes for your factories’ goods. With more boxes supply, you can produce more goods in one batch.
  5. Buy T-Cash only at discounted price. To find out about this offer, you can simply see the advertisement videos displayed in helicopter.

By applying those various kinds of Township trick, it should not be hard for you to successfully play the game.

Roblox Hack Money on Roblox Tycoons

Like in any other games, money is crucial in Roblox. Known as Robux, money in Roblox is hard to earn. A free member has to play so many games and waited for a long time to get big amount of Robux. So, when the Roblox hack for Robux is available, no players waste the opportunity. Follow the steps below to hack money on Roblox Tycoons.

Guide on Roblox Hack Money

  1. Begin by downloading Roblox hack cheat engine tool
  2. Use donate tool to find tycoon on Roblox
  3. Start Roblox and open the cheat engine tool. Then, continue by selecting “roblox” from available list
  4. Type in the amount of Robux you have in the box that you can find beside the word “Hex”. Do not check the “Hex”. Make sure to set the “Scan Type” to “Value Type” and set the “Value Type” to “4 bytes”
  5. Click “First Scan”
  6. Wait until the cheat engine tool finished the scanning
  7. Change your cash value and continue by typing in the new cash value of yours
  8. Click “Next Scan” and wait until the process is completed
  9. Repeat the changing of the cash value for several times and stop until there is only one address on the left
  10. Make sure the address is on the same number with the cash value. When it’s not, then you have to click the “Next Scan” to try again
  11. When the number matches, you need to double click the address
  12. Then, double click the number that can be found under “Value” on the address that appears on bottom panel
  13. Once it is completed, new window pops up to allow you changing the value
  14. Change Robux value to any amount of cash you want
  15. Once you’ve changed it, your cash value will change as well
  16. Continue by donating some of your cash to other players
  17. Then, you will see that the amount of your cash in this game says it’s real. And that’s when you can buy anything with your Robux

Another great thing is, this Roblox hack allows you to change other players’ cash value as well. This way, you can decide yourself whether to make them poor or rich. It even allows you to make other players in debt. It is done by giving negative cash value to them.

So, how you do feel about this Roblox hack cheat tool? Remember to not be too greedy for cash value because if the amount is too big, it can be automatically reversed to negative amount.

Microsoft Xbox One S Review

Xbox One S provides access to both high-resolution video and great new games which are supported with HDR and 4K Blu-Ray. For those of you who are choosing this Xbox One S, you will get two best features such as home theatre and entertainment center.

While you can play games in 4K by using PlayStation 4, this is the advantage that can be had in order to play video games. Microsoft make an innovation of the Xbox One that will support the 4K Blu-Ray player and 4K HDR video playback can be supported through the receiver that is making is perfect choice for those of you who want to play games and also watch movies in 4K.

The Xbox One S comes with 1080p and still manages a notable visual enhancement over then standard Xbox One for those of you who have a 4K TV, while you can trade 4K gaming for more 4K media choices.  For those of you who have not played by using 4K, both Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 are the perfect options which are supported with large game libraries. There are a lot of new and upcoming games that you can play such as a couple of exclusive franchises such as Forza, Gears of War, and Halo. And also, for those of you who have Xbox 360, there are a couple of last-gen console’s games which are compatible now with Xbox One S that will enhance the library of your game and keep a couple of your old games in rotation.

Functional and Fun

The first Xbox One will be difficult to interact because there is power button which is very sensitive to touch. There are a couple of other buttons such as controller sync button that are physical but it is located inconveniently.

While the brand new Xbox One S is not as small as a couple of others, but it is very attractive and impressive. Fortunately, there are a couple of problems that have been solved by the brand new Xbox One S. There are a physical power button, disc eject button and controller sync button that you can find at the front. All of those features are very easy to find. At the back of the Xbox One S comes with two HDMI ports, Ethernet, S/PDIF, and two more USB 3.0 ports. Meanwhile, the connectivity is identical to the first generation.

SimCity Buildit Review and How to Play It Well

Do you want to be a mayor of city, builder, architect, or city planner? SimCity Buildit will be your favorite game. In SimCity Buildit Review, you will find the basic information and the reasons why people like this game. This is mobile game, so you need to install it in smartphone. Developer offers purchasing mode with advanced features and new upgrades.

Main purpose of this game is to create city as place for living. As you know, it is more than creating building and apartment. Player should aware about social and basic need. When your city starts to be filled by many citizens, the problems are more complicated. Traffic, pollution, fires, power supplies, and police are what you need to provide for civilians. To build city and maintain it with good state, you need money. As usual, collecting resources is important to develop your city into the top place. Invite others to build or participate in mayor contest.

SimCity Buildit Review also focuses to graphic quality. This is the game with 3D mode, so player is able to create realistic building. If you reach certain level, some good landmark will appears. For beginners, it is difficult to start. You can try to use reference such as Tokyo or London. Start from small residential area where your citizen lives. After that, build industrial area, shop, and stores. Do not forget to build road and port. People get supply from this facility. Moreover, player is able to trade with each other to increase resources and expand city into wider area.

You may know about SimCity Buildit hack to generate more resource. Using this kind of trick has advantage and disadvantage. This game is very complex even you may find the easy part. Besides, there are many players out there and you cannot guarantee that everyone plays fairly. With hack tools, your game will be safe from unwanted problem. Moreover, expanding will be easier.

If you want to succeed and get bigger city, some tips will make it happen. This game focuses on controlling resource and putting it into allocation effectively. Do not let your desire destroy your existing project. Try to obtain more knowledge about expanding. Playing with purchasing mode is better than free. Of course, it is your choice. However, you will see the differences. In this SimCity Buildit Review, the tips are important to let you pass the level.

Now, it is time to conclude what you have known from SimCity Buildit Review. Developer tries hard to provide realistic graphic. As you know, SimCity is old game, so players have high expectation when developer announces the new installment. Well, this game is more than building. Therefore, polish your mind for better playing experience.

It Is Simple: How to Create an Skype Account


Skype is pretty much common among many people before some chatting applications in smartphone start to begin video-call feature. People tend to use Skype for video call with another people in another place. Yet, even though people start using video-call through their chatting applications or using FaceTime, it does not mean that Skype is abandoned. For some business video call, people still choose Skype over the other applications and it might be pretty handy for you to have Skype account to prepare for future occasion when you need one. Creating a Skype account is easy, but here is the manual on how to create an Skype account.

First things first, if you have a Microsoft account, then you can use that account to use Skype. You can also try to login with your Facebook account. But if you do not, you can try to make a Skype account. Now, we begin with how to create an Skype account.You go to Skype website and choose Create new account. Then, there is several informationthat you should fill. The information is about your telephone number or you can use your active email. Then, you can click next for sign up. Then, you can add your first and last name. After you are required to fill some additional information, like your gender, birthday, and city; but, this additional information is optional. You can skip to another process. Then, you just need set some settings based on your own, enter CAPTCHA, and agree to The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy after reading it. Also, creating a Skype name is pretty important to think because once you put a name for your Skype account, you cannot erase it and that will be the name that you use for your Skype account all the time. If you want to change the name, you need to create another Skype account.

It is pretty much easy for the people to make Skype account without any support for another people, but there are some things that need to be remembered. To make a Skype account, then you need to think carefully about the password for the Skype account. Skype requires you to use a password that contains at least 8 characters and you must choose two of these characters: uppercase letters, numbers or symbol to make your password. Otherwise, Skype will not proceed your account to another process. You can use your Facebook password for filling the password or use another password that you are familiar with, as long as it can fit with the requirements. Well, choosing a password seems simple and easy, but you need to find out the words that you can remember all the time, so that you can avoid forgetting your password when you need to use Skype. Password is one of the things that you need to consider on how to create an Skype account.

Another thing you can do after you have your own Skype account. You can download Skype on your laptop or smartphones, so you can access Skype easily and faster. Well, folks, that is all! That is how to create an Skype account.

Pixel Gun 3D Hack for Unlimited Gold And Gems: How To Generate Resources Easily

Having a lot of gold and gems is surely every Pixel Gun 3D player dream. Purchasing premium items is really important to win the battles. If you do not want to spend real money to buy resources, do not worry, try to use Pixel Gun 3D hack for unlimited gold and gems. By using Pixel Gun 3D hack tools, you will be able to generate gold and gems for free. You can also add free resources as much as you can! Want to try hacking Pixel Gun 3D resources? Check out the following tips.


Pixel Gun 3D Hack for Unlimited Gold and Gems – No Download

If you go to Google, I am sure you will find many types of hack tools; however, many players prefer to use the online Pixel Gun 3D hack unlimited gold and gems. When you use online hack tool, you are not asked to download and install any software. If you want to try the generator, look for the site that offers an online-hosted generator. After that, enter your Pixel Gun 3D username in the generator and input the amount of gems and gold that you desire. Wait for about 60 seconds and reopen the game to check your resources. You can repeat hacking as much as you want for free. Some hack tools require you to close the game before hacking, but the others require you to keep the game open. Make sure to read the guide thoroughly.

Another Version of the Hack Tools

Some people might prefer to use offline hack tool that needs to be downloaded in your computer. After you extract and install the hack tool, connect your device to the computer. When you are done, choose the device platform and verify your device. Once you are done, input the sum of gold and gems that you desire. The gold and gems will be inserted to the game as long as you follow those steps. Just like the online-hosted Pixel Gun 3D hack, this hack tool can be used for all devices.

When using Pixel Gun 3D hack for unlimited gold and gems, you need to be careful of the fake cheats which contain malicious files which will ruin your computer system. Always use Pixel Gun 3D cheat codes from secured and trustworthy websites. You can ask your friends who have tried the hack tool to avoid downloading fake cheats. Increase your winning possibility by taking advantage of the free gold and gems to purchase limited guns.

Truck Simulator 2016 Guide


For those of you who like to play simulator games and you want to become a great truck driver, Truck Simulator 2016 is the perfect game for you. Simulator game is very popular nowadays. That is why there are a couple of simulator games that you can find on mobile platform. You can start this game by using simplest truck. After that you have to buy your own garage. And then cargo containers should be driven all over the country and you can get a lot of money and the most important thing is reputation. Your transport operation should be expanded and you have to be the most successful truck driver in the world.

Truck Simulator 2016 has been released and developed by game developer VascoGames. This company is the popular company for its mobile simulator games. There are more than five hundred thousand people that have downloaded Truck Simulator 2016 with 3.8 out of 5 rating on Google Play Store in the year of 2016. You can download and play this game for free and you do not have to need an internet connection on your smart phone, except you want to buy a couple of things in the store.

The Gameplay of This Game

The Truck Simulator 2016 comes with gameplay which starts with a small tutorial. In that tutorial you can learn how to drive your truck and how to win this game. Within the game tutorial, you will learn that the purpose of the game is accepting transport missions. And also you have to drive containers from one city to another city. Europe is the base of Truck Simulator 2016. It means that you have to drive your truck from Germany to Holland or France. After the truck that you want to use has been chosen, you can drive your truck all over the city. Besides that your container should be picked up and you can start your mission.

The Truck Simulator 2016 comes with two modes of game which are Career and Free Ride. In the game mode of Free Ride, you can use truck that you have and you can drive all over the map. You do not have to worry because you are not going to be fined because you cause traffic accidents or have a couple of objectives that you have to complete. The Career mode has two sub modes which are Realistic and Arcade.

Pokemon Go Hack Map with Poke Hound

Pokemon Go Hack Map

It would be tiresome if you catch Pokemon without Pokemon Go hack map. Meanwhile, we always find the same Pokemon at our current place. If this happens to you, please read this article until the end because we will help you to catch some different Pokemon without tiresome traveling all over the world. For your information, there is a person who has already caught 142 Pokemon and he got them all for 95 miles of walking. This is still on progress by the way. In other words, he has been walking nearly 100 miles. If you want to be this guy without moving your lazy legs, we have an appropriate app for you below.

Poke Hound

That is the name of this Pokemon Go hack map. You need to know that some app developers have been working around since the release of Pokemon Go recently. They are successfully creating some best app to hack the map of this game now. Poke Hound will offer a beneficial feature of all Pokemon Trainers in this world. It is about the Pokemon which are surrounding your current area. You will have all information about them such as where they spawn, how long they will disappear and what Pokemon it is within this app. Moreover, the developer claims that this app is covering twenty times larger thantPokeVision.

What Will You Get?

We have said the major benefits with this Pokemon Go hack map app before. This app shows the map of your current place with plenty Pokemon that you can catch accurately through Pokemon Go app. It also shows the remaining spawn times of the Pokemon so that you can catch them in time. Moreover, the feature allows you to filter the Pokemon types easily based on their rarity. Just like Poke Badge, the app will notify you when your target Pokemon is approached. Last but not least, you can also rely on its navigation which leads you to the Pokemon surrounding your place.

Pokemon Go Hack Map Cons

Unfortunately, this app is not free like PokeVision. You have to pay this app around five dollars weekly. But, it gives you free trial for an hour to make sure that you have chosen correct app for your phone. To use it, you have to register and log in to the app. It is such a long process before you can get the benefit of Poke Hound by the way. Do not worry because this app works perfectly for any browser too. So, what are you waiting for? Let catch them all with this Pokemon Go hack map.

Boom Beach Triche Hack Online For Free plus Tutorial

Boom Beach triche hack online is your best destination to win every match of this real-time strategy game. This article will prove to all Boom Beach players who do not believe about this special and unique cheat strategy. We do not only show you the way to use hack online, but also share some important things about online hack. It is important for you who are beginner player of this game because you can easily understand how online hack work and how to use it properly. This is just the introduction to the new era of Boom Beach online hack. Let us go straight to the discussion.


Boom beach triche strategy


Why We Play Boom Beach

It is not a question actually for our Boom Beach triche hack online because we just serve for you who actually play this game from its first release. But, it is okay since we want to attract you to play this game in the future. If you know about Clash of Clans, you are in the same boat. The developer of this game is the same developer with COC. If you are familiar with that game, we believe you will easily to recognize everything you have to do in Boom Beach. For your information, Boom Beach is one of the popular game right now both on iOs and android.


If we compare this Boom Beach triche hack online graphic with CoC, it is so much development that you can see. Likely, the developer creates this game through better game engine than Clash of Clans. Moreover, the gameplay is more promising than Clash of Clans. For your information, you can create more armies or troops through the game. The music and effect of the game are very sophisticated. Of course, this game is worth to be played every time and everywhere. When you attack the enemy base, you will feel the real war which you cannot get on the Clash of Clans. Without further ado, let us see how to use our hack online through your device.

Boom Beach Triche Hack Online Tutorial

Now it is time to see the tutorial from our hacker team who creates this online hack for free. First of all, you need to remember the user ID of your Boom Beach account. With this ID, you will be free to insert the amount of the research for your account. After that, click on the next page. You will see some boxes that show blank numbers. What you have to do is just filling them all with your desire. IN the end our Boom beach triche hack online will process them all.

Dark Souls 3 First Impression And Review

Published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, Dark Souls 3 is a role-playing action video game developed by FromSoftware for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows. Players will take a journey through mountains, dungeons and castle and beat the evil enemies. The game is dark fantasy role-playing that is characterized for its extreme difficulty and merciless nature. The third series of Dark Souls provides small room for mistake and nominal direction. Persistent defeat and the reward of passing through it are two extremes playing the new Dark Souls just like its predecessors. the highest amount of insistence is the best thing you need and you are faced with the most challenging levels on your way.


dark soul 3


Dark Souls 3 Gameplay

Players will face a disjointed series of exhaustive areas in the game world where some pile on top of themselves, while others collapse outward, breakdown back and looping around in complex network. The level design is a proof that leveling up your character is as essential as finding a beacon checkpoint or beating a tricky boss in Dark Souls 3. Every signpost is a triumph in this hazardous world of dungeons, bog, and undead town. The second playthrough will expose numerous of the game’s secrets. You can level up weapon quality, character stats and health in the Firelink Shrine hub world. As you level up, you can recruit companions at your base that help you earn useful items and potion throughout your playthrough.

Dark Souls 3 Tips

Along the way, there are a variety of monstrous forms that block your journey such as primeval knights, bulky giants and untamed dogs and desperate monks. There is a distinctive peril on every enemy in Dark Souls 3, and you will need a different approach when combat more dynamic and grueling groups. You should not also underestimate your enemy even you’ve killed it dozens of times before since it causes deaths many times. Patience is the most important thing to survive in the long run as the danger is always lurking.

Dark Souls 3 Combat

You should take your time to observe a certain pattern and rhythm to combat each enemy. There are enemies that are weak close to their sword arm and some are easy to defeat from behind. Every time an enemy attacks, you may want to dodge, but it will lead to a quick death wasting stamina. You will spawn at the most recent bonfire when killed. You will learn new skills to combat in Dark Souls 3 but ones you’ve previously learned should also be forgotten.

Clash Royale Hack for Free Gems and Gold Guaranteed

Clash Royale hack for free gems and gold, who will even think of refuse it when they are asked twice? Every single player of Clash Royale seems to run out of the gems in a few seconds but it takes weeks to get one by one before all of you can use it for speeding what you want to know so badly. No need to know all your purposes in using and spending off your gems, people will be all the same in getting the information about the hack tool for Clash Royale loyal players all over the world.

Clash Royale Versus

Surprising Clash Royale Hack for Free Gems and Gold

Clash Royale hack trick is not in the negative connotation which can harm other people to be hurt and to feel hurt instead. This kind of hack trick is mostly used by the online players of the most phenomenal game. If the game is not that popular, there would be no one making the hack tool and trick that will work in your game. That also happens in the game of Clash Royale. People are aided by the presence of the hack trick of Clash Royale so that they can have more comfortable playing and they do not have to waste that sum of money to get the gems and coins at the same time.


Clash Royale Hack for Free Gems and Gold All Users

It is a kind of surprising that the people had expected this Clash Royale hack for free gems and gold to exist. They have been patiently waiting for something that can save them from the stuck level that leads them to be annoyed and also disappointed. Even most of them are too bored waiting for new level to come. That is why the presence and the existence of this hack tool for getting new gold and gems for free are the solution for them to have in mind.

After getting the username or your password that you use for linking it with your social media, Clash Royale hack for free gems and gold will regenerate both of them in a few minutes. However beforehand, there are some websites that recommend you to download or to fill in some surveys or it will never work out based on what you have been craving for.  As a conclusion, if you have fed up with your Clash Royale and you have no idea on what you want to do with your game, try to look for Clash Royale hack for free gems and gold.

The Addictive and Charming Android RPG Game: Maplestory


Maple story

At first, MapleStory was released as a PC game with the target users of RPG gamers. It created such an argumentation why this game was not published in the platform of Android or iOs devices. It was still in the discussion whether to release the pocket version or not. Then yes, the long mobile version of MapleStory had been published. Not only that, the publisher and the developer of this game also released this RPG game in Korean version which is only available in certain countries. In fact, today the players can enjoy the official MapleStory in Android platform which is available worldwide in English language.

Pleasing Experience in RPG Android Game

There are more than a thousand quests and different level of challenges in each level that enables you to enjoy a range of environments. This MapleStory is not as same as the Vindictus although they are under the same developer. RPG game will make all users have some effective communications and interaction on the notice boards. When talking about this popular PC and Android game, here are a few things you need to know before choosing whether to download and install in on your device or not.

  1. The characters of MapleStory are available in 2 options. They are the Dual Blade and also the Mechanic. The Dual Blade uses both sword and also dagger thrusts while the Mechanic can later be used after you do the app purchase through the Google Play. You need to hit whatever your enemy with anything you have then you can gain reward from it.
  2. Frankly speaking, this MapleStory is free for the Android users but if you want to have advanced character with greater attack and greater reward, you can buy all of them in the in-app purchase that is connected to your Google Play.
  3. This game is not always about war but it is also inserted with some interactions between the players so that it sounds like narrative that is entirely blended well with conversations. You can talk about how to arrange wars; plan to play together, and so on.
  4. The visual might a bit under what the users had expected because the visual tends to be judder when the users scroll down the screens. It can be something unlucky because if the developer has its ability to create such an outstanding visual, this game will be the best out of those competitors during its launches.

Subway Surfers Hack iOs a hundred percent works

Subway Surfers Cover

All of iPhone users are looking for this Subway Surfers hack iOs for sure because we will give you a complete tutorial about this game. We know that this game really needs coins in order to be lifespan. We can continue our failed mission without worrying because the coins will be our checkpoints obviously. Thus, there are so many people look for this hack. Moreover, the players who play this game are bigger and bigger every year. It represents how popular this game these days. For your information, you need to jailbreak your iOs before following this tutorial.


First of all, you have to download important app to use this Subway Surfers hack iOs. You can choose between iFunBoxorDiskaid as your main tool in PC. Secondly, you have to download unzip utility such as Winrar or UnRarX. It depends on your PC operating system. For your information, you need to unzip our hack tool on your PC. If you do not have them, I believe you cannot use our tool properly. For the link download, you can find it yourself on Google. After you have one of those tools, you are allowed to the next instructions below.


This is the important instructions which you need to follow for Subway Surfers hack iOs. Firstly, you must download our zip tool in this page. Do not worry for the compatibility because it will works for all operating system. Secondly, extract the file on your computer by using the tools which I have considered before this paragraph. Use a new folder feature for ensuring that you have already extracted the file. Connect your PC and iPhone through cable data. This is the important step because it won’t work if you do not connect between both of devices.

Open the iFunBox which you downloaded before on your PC. You will see some notices that your iPhone and PC are connected. Select Applications tab on the app and then find Subway Surfer. You will be directed into Subway Surfer folder. Then, choose Document folder inside. Remember, you must replace all of the data inside this folder with the zip file from our site. At last, the folder will only show the extracted files and that is all. Your coins will be unlimited without any exception and your character won’t restart from the beginning anymore. Please be wise to use this hack because our Subway Surfers Hack iOs is barely new.

The phenomena of PS2 games on PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

We are now living in PlayStation 4 era which offers so much better graphic and gameplay rather than its predecessors. Meanwhile, the president of PlayStation, Shuhei Yoshida, said about the price points of PS2 games which available on PS4 recently. For your information, the prices of those PS2 games on PS4 start from ten until fifteen dollars. Of course, this kind of price gap seems too expensive for PS4 players due the quality of those games are quietly same with PS2 console. One of the biggest games which reshaped into PS4 console is GTA: San Andreas. We think the entire graphic is similar with the PS2 console.

For your information, those games which reshaped into PlayStation 4 are claimed that they have 1080p/60 FPS. It means that the games have HD quality and better than PS2 console. Moreover, PS4 adds Trohies and Share features in order to make the players easier. The president also added that there are some players who really care about their achievements. There are also assurance costs in order to make the buyers feel more secure in playing those old games in the next gen of PlayStation. He claimed that these assurances are the factor why those games are difficult to be released. If there is no assurance feature, you can imagine how many games of PS2 are adapted into PS4.

From our perspective, the PlayStation 4 is not a good console for playing nostalgic games from PS2. People prefer to play PC version than buying them for their PS4. However, the PlayStation boss believes that playing old games with twenty until forty hours for RPG games are worthier. In addition, they also ask all of the Playstation gamers to give suggestions which of PS2 games that they want to see in PS4 console. This is such as back from future instead of developing future games obviously.

8 Ball Pool Hack free for all players

Greetings for all of players who look for 8 Ball Pool hack free! You are now in the right site to hack this game up so badly. We know that this game is very addictive for us and forces us to do faster things in order to gain much experience inside it. This free hack tool is ready to use and be downloaded for you all 8 Ball Pool players. We are not only providing the tool, but also some guidelines and tutorials to make this hack work perfectly. So, prepare yourself and internet connection before hacking some games and wins much cash to your account, guys!


Let us go straight into the features of this 8 Ball Pool hack free because I think all of you have already know about this game so much. For your information, our hack tool is developed very well by some hackers in this world with only one goal. It is to make all of you love this game and play with other higher level without fear. It is such kind of hobby to hack a game with some cheats and your enjoyments to play this game encourage us to update the hack from time to time. Some questions pop out and led for us that why all of you release this kind of hack? This is a simple question to be answered because we have done playing this game.

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Batman Arkham Knight DLC release date is announced



If you are waiting for the newest Batman Arkham Knight DLC this month, you will have no worry anymore about the release date. It is confirmed that the December DLC will come on 22th December 2015 or three days before Christmas. This news is announced by Rocksteady Studios as the developer of the Batman Arkham Knight game. In addition, the updates will make the Batmobile skin becomes similar with the Dark Knight movie which was directed by Christopher Nolan in 2008 ago. Moreover, the Batman suit follows the movie skin either. This DLC is named as Season of Infamy.

The developer did not only post about the major content of Batman Arkham Knight DLC, but also video trailer called Arkham Insider alongside this update. They are not the only one in developing this video but also other developers including Sefton Hill. In this video, Sefton Hill says farewell words for all of Batman Arkham series. Although this farewell does not mean there is no other Batman game, he notices all of Batman Arkham’s players to be ready with the next series of Batman. It is such kinds of a clue that there will be a multiplayer mode for Batman game.

Whatever the message which is included in the video of Batman Arkham Knight DLC, Season of Infamy is the most wanted update for Batman lovers all over the world. In other side, this update is a farewell party for all of developers who included in making the Batman Arkham Knight into this far. Please be patience because the update is nearly going on one day after I write this post. You can purchase the DLC whether using PC or other consoles. FYI, DLC is one of business for major games these days. The players should buy the DLC in order to update their games and contents.

Auto-update Clash of Kings Hack Cheats Tool for Free

This Clash of Kings hack cheats tool is very beneficial for you want to be the best in the rank. We got some updates recently to fix bugs and UI settings for easier display and compatible with any devices. The main function of this hack is providing some cheats for Clash of kings game. For your information, Clash of Kings is a real-time strategy which forces the players to control 7 unique kingdoms at once. This game is very addictive with sophisticated display for our eyes. It comes available for Android and iOs users. You can freely download the game without any payment a.k.a free-to-play.


clash of kings hack cheats tool



Back to business of Clash of Kings Hack cheats tool. Firstly, our tool is compatible for any smartphone types. In other words, it does not matter what smartphone you have whether Android or iPhone or iPad since you can play Clash of Kings game through your phone. Moreover, this hack tool should be installed only for PC or computer. It means that you have to connect between your phone and your device. It is very simple, right? Then, do not think about malware, Trojan or virus which harmed inside our tool because it is absolutely free from any virus.

By using this Clash of Kings Hack cheats tool, you can gain premium resources like unlimited gold, wood or silver without spending your money. We know that although this game is free-to-play, the developer fills some features which require real money. Of course, you can use that without paying after all. We you have to do are only opening the hack tool and generate hack button while both of your phone and computer are integrated. Without wasting your time, the generating button will appear after you adjust the cheats menu. Then, your Clash of King saved game will be changed into unlimited resources.

Our latest Clash of Kings hack cheats tool is now auto-update. It will be auto updating if our team has new development of feature inside the tool. In this case, you must at the internet coverage. For your information, the Clash of Kings game is always updating their system. Some errors or not working hack will appear when the tool hack is outdated. By this auto-update feature, you have no worry anymore. It is important for us to update this hack tool too in order not to outdate from the current version of Clash of Kings. The download link can be found below this post.

How to Earn VC in NBA 2K16

NBA 2K16

First of all you have to consider that to earn VC in NBA 2K16 is the thing that needs much time to be processed. Your player can be leveled up by using the currency and you can also get a new gear. But you do not have worry because there are a couple of ways that you can do in order to get unlimited VC in My Park and My Career modes.

My Career VC Glitch

This first step is very easy. You just have to simply load up your my Career in NBA 2K16. And then you have to set up your games for Hall of Fame Difficulty and either 6 or 12 minutes per quarter. After that, you just have to load up your next game. After the next game has been loaded up and the tip-off has been completed, you just have to stimulate it to the end. You will not rewarded by the game with VC, but ultimately you will still get the reward from the glitch with the currency. You have to repeat over and over again in order to gain VC in NBA 2K16. The one and only thing that will spend much time of this glitch is that you have to wait a couple of minutes in order to load each game instead of that there is nothing stopping you from getting unlimited VC in NBA 2K16. Every game you stimulate, this glitch is about 600 VC.

My Park online mode

The second way in order to get VC in NBA 2K16 is the My Park online mode. Meanwhile, your online reputation and record will be ruined by this glitch. This glitch will also ruin the game for others because it needs that you quit out the game once the game starts. Generally, if you want to do this, you just have to go to the My Park mode. And then you can go to a 3-man Got Next Spot and then you can start the game. All you have to do by earning VC from here is just quit out the game once the game starts. It will hurt your reputation, so it will be wise if you make a second character in order to do this glitch.

You can go back to your home court and you will find that you have earned VC for generally doing nothing. You will get a lot of VCs can be done in just a couple of minutes. You can speed up the process in the park by doing this with your friends.

Guide To Boom Beach Hack iPhone And iPad

Boom Beach is a free to play game app but player can make in-app-purchases to start upgrades faster. Player can increase their resources and be able to start certain tasks like gaining improved training for troops and building advanced bases faster by paying real money. There are key resources you can invest using Boom Beach hack iPhone to get more victories against the Blackguard and other players and expectantly accomplish better ranking and ahead in the game.


boom beach cheated


Without having to spend time for the effort or emptying your wallet, you can increase your resources, diamonds and gold with Boom Beach hack iPhone and iPad. This hack tool requires you to specify the amount of resource you want to add to your account every time you use it. This tool also help you to defend your bases from attacks when you are not playing it so there is no risk from getting destruction to your base that causing losing resources, troops, and structures. This means your base will be invisible from other players who want to attack your base for more points.

Best Way to Get Unlimited Diamonds in The Game

Without having to spend money on building base, a great way to achieve upgrades by using Boom Beach hack iPhone. There is no more frustrating knowing your friends achieve more victory points and ranking in the game only as they upgrade faster with more money. You will always in the front among other player without wasting time.

Just remember that you will attract much bigger enemies as you strengthen your troops and base using resources. The best way to beat the game is by advance quickly. It does not mean things will get easier simply by being able to buy more diamonds. You have to level up highest from other player so it is best to get diamond as much as you can. You have to level up highest from other player so it is best to get diamond as much as you can with Boom Beach hack iPhone.


The most important resource on the islands is wood as it is needed to build all basic structure for start. Wood is gathered by cutting down trees and send it to the sawmill. Securing a resource base will also get you wood. Using hack tool will help you start building faster.


Gold is needed to improve your troops by paying for their training so you can use your submarine and repel more attacks. You use gold for practically any task in the game. Compared to other resources, it is harder to get. Freeing villages and owning upgraded residences is the easiest way to get gold. This resource is important to add with the tool.


Stone is another treasured resource to help you upgrade buildings. Quarries yield stones. Make sure you own more islands so you can build quarries to produce stone. You can use this tool to increase diamonds leading to be used to boost your stone stashes. You also need iron to build the advanced building structures. Iron comes from an iron mine. Make sure you own islands as much as you can to get iron more.