How to Play Criminal Case

Criminal Case is a detective themed hidden object game which has been played by most of gamers around the world. Criminal Case game is released in 15th November 2012 for Facebook app. The Android version of Criminal Case game was launched worldwide in 15th April 2015. Criminal Case was created and published by Drench indie studio Pretty Simple. Criminal Case has become one of the most play games since begin of 2013. Criminal Case game has average monthly users of over ten million. The publisher of Criminal Case game creates this game to compete against a couple of best games such as Candy Crush Saga and Criminal Case can beat Candy Crush in Facebook.


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Tips and Tricks

Free Extra Energy for Daily

The limit for energies that you have for daily is 3 pieces of orange juice and 1 piece of potato chips. Basically, you will have to check out at walls of your friends in order to find these energies or Criminal Case Official Facebook Page Comments.

Lucky cards

First of all you have to share orange juice or potato chips. And then, you have to go to your Facebook profile and find the share on your Facebook profile. Right click and then copy the link. Next step is you have to go to Criminal Case Official Facebook. After you are there, you have to paste the link to the comments of upper posts.

Get maximum point in the scene

You have to use the 6x and hints bonuses if you want to get maximum score on scenes. If you are beginner who is playing this game for the first time, it is better for you not to use them. By solving different spots of objects you can get higher scores which are completed with the bonuses in the Criminal Case game.

Mo teammate limit

In this Criminal Case game, there is no limit for the teammates. So extra daily energy can be received as much as how many your teammates are. You will have 1000 daily energy in Criminal Case if you get around 500 teammates and they are Daily Players.

Case solution

You have to pick the scene that want 4 or 5 stars before you are playing Criminal Case. You have to remember not to jump from one scene to another scene in order to get a star quickly. You have to come back and solve the scenes and once you jumped, you will forget the scene completely.

How to Play Sims Freeplay Successfully

The Sims Freeplay


It is easy to play The Sims Freeplay because this game will ask you to complete a couple of specific actions and you will get Life Points and Simoleons or money. You will do a couple of stuffs such as start a career, make relationships, obtain and improve upon hobbies, have children, adopt pets and many more. As you play this game, you will learn a couple of things of game play. Meanwhile, this article will share a couple of tips and tricks of The Sims Freeplay which will give you a benefit so you can get the best experience ever for playing this game.

Building your town and having careers

You have to build centers and businesses in town if you want to get jobs for your Sims. There are a couple of job opportunities that you can choose such as Actor, Musician, Firefighter, Athlete, Politician, Teacher, Real Estate Agent, Artist and Scientist. You can also get an option to build the career store so you will help Sims to gain experience in their career such as an auction podium for the real estate agent, an easel for the artist, and a chalkboard for the teacher. You can pick a different career for every Sim, and once they got experience, higher level will be reached and each career has different names for the position levels. The more Simoleons and XP tour Sim will increase by going to work daily, the higher the career level. This is the perfect way to level up in the game and the Simoleons that you earn can be used in order to build upon your town, purchase furniture or purchase other stuffs for your Sims.


There are a couple of hobbies for teenagers, adult and preteens Sims. For the preteen there are a couple of hobbies that can be chosen such as figure skating, karate, diving and ballet. You have to consider that the appropriate buildings have to be built to start practicing these hobbies. You will have to build the community center if you want to perform ballet or karate. You will have to build the diving center for diving and you have to build the snow park for figure skating. For the adult Sims, there are a couple of hobbies such as Fashion Designer, Fishing, Ghost Hunter, Diving, Figure Skating and Woodworking. For teens Sims, the hobbies that can be chosen include Figure Skating, Teen Idol, and Diving.